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Having served a career in the British Armed Forces, Gareth has decided to step out from the restrictions of social norms and forge a new career. One of love and passion, photography no longer being a hobby nor just another job, but a lifestyle made by his own choosing.

Drawing inspiration from life's experiences; from the green fields of rural Essex as a boy to the turbulent sands of the Middle East as a soldier, Gareth has gained an eye for life. Always moving and learning as he traverses the continents, discovering anew for himself and within. Striving to capture the world that surrounds him, wherever he may be, as he sees it. Resulting in a love for travel photography and visual cultures.

Now based in South London, Gareth has been exploring his practice through both film and digital mediums. Working under the pseudonym of ‘Hugh Gary’, an unlikely name acquired through his travels where his name is often hard to pronounce, outside of the English-speaking world. Focusing on documenting his various solo bicycle explorations around the world, using conventional cameras along with an infrared camera. When not exploring Gareth use his experiences and insights to highlight life’s narratives, telling the stories with the aid of Lego mini-figures.

Gareth would like to thank Mo Greig and Rhiannon Stokes, who have sponsored him. Ensuring he can exhibit his project, titled “Transition”, a body of work that looks at the changing state of Eastern Europe through the representation of bus shelters.

Find out more about Gareth's work here.