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Kinga Podsiadlo

Kinga is a fashion photographer based in London and her work has recently been featured in Vogue Italia online, British Vogue and in various other magazines.  Her latest project aims to show the originality of the outfits along with telling a beautiful, emotional story. Kinga really likes shooting in vintage and abandoned places and she draws inspiration from the cinema, mythology, nature and her travels around the globe. she describes photography as a medium to explore and create new stories, a way of transforming ideas into pieces of art.

Kinga’s latest project “Love is Homemade” is inspired by her mother, a fashion designer, who has always told her that “trends come back into fashion every 20 to 30 years”.  Her series explores how different garments become popular once again and the images themselves are a fusion of fantasy and her own childhood memories. Kinga admires old and abandoned places, often choosing to shoot in these locations as their history and aesthetic always bring a mysterious element to a photograph.

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