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Having served a career in the British Armed Forces and drawing inspiration from life's experiences; from the green fields of rural Essex as a boy to the turbulent sands of the Middle East as a soldier, Gareth has gained an eye for life. Now based in South London, Gareth has been exploring his practice through both film and digital mediums. Focusing on documenting his various solo bicycle explorations around the world, using conventional cameras along with an infrared camera. When not exploring Gareth use his experiences and insights to highlight life’s narratives, telling the stories with the aid of Lego mini-figures.

  • "Transition" in 'Free Range' at The Old Truman Brewery | 28th Jun 2018
  • "Water" with London Photo Festival | 17th-19th May 2018
  • "Legomentary" at the Budapest Bar, London | Dec 2017
  • "Infrared Budapest" at the Budapest Bar, London | Oct 2017
  • "Deathly Hollow" in 'One Festival of Homeless Arts' | Oct 2017
  • "Alter-Lego" in 'One Festival of Homeless Arts' | Oct 2017
  • "Deathly Hollow" in 'UnFairground' at UWL | Mar 2017
  • "My London" at Somerset House | Feb 2017 - Feb 2018
  • "Past, Present and Future" with EnsureEvents | Oct 2016
  • "Australia" at Sheffield Library | Apr 2013
  • Associate of the Royal Photographic Society | Sept 2018
  • BA (Hons) Photography from University of West London | July 2018
  • Finalist for "Water" with London Photo Festival | Feb 2018
  • Finalist in Café Art's "My London" 2018 Calendar | Aug 2017
  • 2nd place in Café Art's "My London" 2017 Calendar | Aug 2016
  • Honourable mention in "My London" 2017 Calendar | Aug 2016