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Zena Zialor


Zena’s body of work consists mainly of contemporary and fine art photography. She evokes the essence of reality and manipulates feelings towards her subjects and self as the protagonist. Her qualities in photography aesthetically captivate her audience’s visual senses. Continuing on with her practice she has managed to take on early photographic experiments and is avidly open to alternative opportunities. She remains working on multiple niches within the industry; exploring other genres such as candid street photography, events, fashion portraitures as well as her own personal Projects. Furthermore, her passion and interests lie in self-portraits as she discovers the innocence and beauty of self-existence. Zenas’ latest project is dedicated to her late father. By photographing in places where personal events took place the body of work becomes a way of remembering him and engaging in the traces of past time. It also attempts to bring together recent memories with those of childhood.